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As we move into our 25th Anniversary year, we'’re excited to announce our new 25th Anniversary logo and brand, developed through the generous donation of services from Fleishman Hillard. We extend our sincere thanks to Maxine Winer, senior partner and general manager, and Bill Utter, senior vice president and partner, at Fleishman Hillard.

The 25th Anniversary logo gives the WBDC a fresh new look. Embedded within the number 25 is an equal sign, a symbol of our commitment to advocating and working for an equal society where women and minority-owned businesses have equal chances to succeed.

As we celebrate the amazing work that has been done in the past 25 years, we’'re reminded that “progress is only the beginning” and there is still much to be done.

You’'ll be seeing our new logo throughout the year as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and we hope you’ will join us, as ambassadors for the WBDC, in sharing our vision for economic empowerment through business ownership.

WBDC Announces New 25th Anniversary Logo

25th Anniversary

25th Annual Entrepreneurial Woman's Conference,

Women's Business & Buyer's Mart (EWC)

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